Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting Orange County

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June 30, 2022

Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting Orange County

air duct cleaning and disinfecting orange county

Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting After Corona Virus.

Now that we are on the verge of getting back to our normal life as it was before the corona virus, many are not sure how safe it will be. Therefore, we have conducted a thorough research in order to learn from states that have already opened up and gearing to get back to routine. There are many things that we can learn about precaution measures that should be applied in order to eliminate any unnecessary risks at home and in our work place. So, we consulted our colleagues in Texas to get a better understanding of should we prepare for.

Adam, the Owner of Fresh Air Duct Cleaning & Attic Cleaning Houston, has shared with us that air duct cleaning and disinfecting is a service at high demand. By using our high velocity mist fogger, we are able to reach and penetrate the smallest corners of your air ducts, your home and your office. By using EPA approved disinfecting products we can get your home and office ready to open with 99.9% disinfecting rate.

More Than Just Air Duct Cleaning Service.

Many of us, professional air duct cleaners, have what it takes to properly disinfect your home and office. For many years we have used the same equipment to disinfect your air ducts from water damage and smoke damage bacteria. Now we are prepared to offer you our top rated fogging skills to disinfect your home and your business. When you are ready to open the door of your business, there are steps you will most likely have to take in order to ensure the safety of the employees. Therefore our disinfecting service will be a great value to your business in order for it to stay safe and sound.

For more information about our air duct cleaning & disinfecting Orange County, please contact Fresh Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Irvine.

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